Creativity never goes out of Style

In the events industry the word creativity is often used to describe ideas, but what is interesting to consider is what defines a true creative. It is one thing to come up with creative ideas but it is an entirely other thing to have the skills to turn those ideas into reality.

Many believe that to be a true creative requires two steps.

Step 1: Thinking

Step 2: Producing

Lets for a moment consider Step 1, if you have the ability to creatively think but not the skill to produce your thoughts you are more imaginative than you are creative. For those gifted with the ability to think and produce your ideas you are in fact a creative.

When you read the definition of Creativity “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something” the above statement rings true.

Lets now relate this to the event industry, a creative event management company is very important as anyone can come up with good ideas but not everyone can deliver on them. Creativity takes talent, skill and experience, something you should look for when selecting a company to manage your next event.

Creativity is about being able to think outside the box, perceive the world in new ways, generate solutions and make connections between seemingly unrelated things. It is also about remembering to have fun, the great Albert Einstein summed it up perfectly when he said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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